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Style and Shape Options

Standard Sizes and Pricing

Style and Shape Options

Sizes and Pricing indicates a general range.
Each sign is unique, so contact us to discuss your options.

7" x 20"                     $ 116

9" x 22"                     $ 146

11" x 23"                    $ 185

14" x 30" 3/4" thick      $ 307

14" x 30" 1 1/2" thick     $ 351

11" round                  $ 83

Don't see the size or shape you have in mind?
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Cedar Keepsakes: The Perfect Gift for

Mothers. Fathers. Grandparents. Spouses. Partners. Colleagues. Friends. Students. Neighbors. Teachers. Clergy. Athletes. Veterans.

Cedar Signs: Customized with Care for

Home. Cabin. Business. Ranch. Stable. Garden.


Cedar Display Art: Elegant Art for

Displays. Memorials. Galleries. Cafes. Libraries. Landscapes.


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