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Meet Jeff & Candy

Jeff and Candy Thompson
have both had very successful professional careers.


What they found missing, though, was their passion to share life's special joys with others. 


As a creative craftsman, Jeff wanted to work with his hands.

As a customer care specialist, Candy wanted to work with people and projects that mattered to them.

After much consideration
and thoughtful planning, 
Images In Cedar  was born.


The concept fit, the business grew, and inspiration gained from customers and contacts has
made their endeavor rich and rewarding. They call it their 
Soul Food. 


"Each time we create a custom sign or keepsake, we take part in the giving process," Candy says. "And it brings us joy!"

Images In Cedar offers a special way to choose - or create! - a handcrafted, personalized sign or keepsake that celebrates your special relationships
and connections to others.


Our Process

When you place an order with Images In Cedar, we'll work with you to create a unique and heartfelt keepsake that your recipient will display and appreciate for many years.

First we'll ask for your ideas. Then we'll discuss your options, clarify the specifics, and ensure that we clearly understand your vision. Once payment is complete, we'll create a scaled rendering of the design for your approval. After you've approved it, we'll handcraft your keepsake in beautiful, coastal western red cedar. 


Quality Craftsmanship

Our cedar signs and keepsakes are crafted to highlight the natural beauty of the cedar. While many craftsmen use a smoothing process that removes all traces of the woodgrain, we work to enhance the natural woodgrain - including the tight cedar knots - to create a beautiful piece of art. We call it organic art. 


We protect the wood from the elements, making your cedar sign suitable for both indoor and outdoor display.


We package and ship your sign or keepsake with the care that was taken to create it. If it's a gift for a friend or family member we'll even include a giftcard, if you'd like.


We've been meticulous with our carvings since we sharpened our first pencil - and we're continually perfecting our craft.


Your satisfaction is paramount to us.

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